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Khasiat Buah Pala Untuk Berbagai Penyakit

15 Janvier 2016, 09:42am

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Khasiat Buah Pala Untuk Berbagai Penyakit - One day, in the middle of the scorching heat of the sun. I walked down urban areas. In each of the corners of urban, exposed with a neat collection of pretty flowers adorn the splendor of an urban identity. There are orchids, tulips, red roses, and many more. The flowers were mutually bersapaan menenangi the bustle of urban communities. I looked at, all the people passing around me. The question arose in my mind. I'm very confused by all this.

Why do they do that? It often I see every time I vacation to grandma's house, when the dry season arrives. They have no sense of caring! They already hate with their environment. In fact, the environment is their own residence. Often I see. Not infrequently among them, many of which litter. Even worse, someone unscrupulous who burn the forest on a large scale without the permission of the government. Indeed, very outrageous behavior. Step Ku soft-soft's feet to the place perisirahatanku on earth. Nothing else, that my grandmother's house.

Later that night, I menongkrong outdoors. Ku tatapi, dark blue sky faraway. I steered my sight. It does not look any star up there. That is, only the strokes heart in the sky. "Perhaps the star has been exhausted. Hence, he rested, "I said innocently like a child who just learned something. However, this is very strange. In my village, I often see the stars shine at night. Light can make me calm. Indeed, it is difficult for star gazing in urban areas.

The next day, I brush away the curtain that covered the window of the room. My moment of view scenery on this day. What I see, but air brown granules composed of small particles. Granules tiny particles floating entered my room. Yes, it is indeed a grain of small particles of smoke from forest fires. Soon, I was wearing a red mask of my youth. I ran to the grandmother who was sitting nicely in the living room.